An Olympic Opportunity

The time has come to pay up for our Olympic tickets. Across the UK, between now and the middle of June, money will start disappearing from accounts and people will start speculating about which tickets they might have been awarded.

For us, this will be a complete guessing game as we applied for the cheapest tickets in all the events we chose, so if £40 has gone from my account I could find myself at anything from football to water polo. That’s not to say I don’t want to go to water polo. I do. I just want to go to the football more.

The only thing to do is wait.

But while you’re waiting to find out what tickets you’ve got, you may be interested to learn of an opportunity for writers, bloggers and artists to get involved in telling the story of the games themselves. You can find out more about the BT Storytellers campaign and apply here. 

Good luck!

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