Ponderings, paranoia and publishing – the start of a journey

For a writer, blogging should be easy. You just put down what’s happening to you day to day, your thoughts and feelings, whatever you’re thinking. Simple!

But it’s not that easy. Unlike fiction, it requires you to reflect on your own life. It needs facts and demands honesty. Guides to blogging inform you that your posts should be entertaining and witty. You should keep your reader engaged. Whoever that mystical reader may be.

In short, it’s difficult.

The fictional world is full of drama, choices, difficult decisions – all condensed into handy novels that will fit comfortably into your backpack or briefcase. The real world is full of got up, toast for breakfast, sat at my computer a bit, tried to write, watched TV, had lunch kind of days. The kind of days that Facebook was made for. The kind of days where you don’t really do anything of note.

So why blog at all? This year of my life will be different from previous years – I’ll be splitting my time between London and Bangkok, “working” as an aspiring writer and running short story competitions through Five Stop Story. As one of the first participants in the innovative Brit Writers Awards Publishing Programme, I’m hoping that with hard work I will one day be a published novelist.

Throughout the year I’ll share with you my thoughts on writing, any useful tips and information I find, and stories of my life in Bangkok, the city of smiles.

10 thoughts on “Ponderings, paranoia and publishing – the start of a journey

  1. Ah, yes, the city of smiles. I will certainly be looking forward to your news from Bangkok, Ruth. How can that not be interesting? Good luck. 🙂

  2. It’s going to be such an exciting year for you, both in terms of your writing and in your life experiences. So I will be fascinated to keep in touch through this blog.

  3. What a wonderful year you’re having!

    I split my life between the desk at work and the sink at home.

    When you’re next back in the UK we must try and meet up. Until then have a great time in Bangkok. I will be reading your blog.

    • I can’t imagine you being a slave to the kitchen sink Rob!
      Definitely should meet up when I’m back in Blighty 🙂

  4. Keep us posted, Ruth. You’re tacking the publishing business in such an innovative way. Good luck.

    Looking forward to meeting you and all the PP2 gang:)

    • Looking forward to meeting you guys too
      It seems like we already know so much about you!

  5. I’m enjoying reading your blog Ruth. Have a great time in Bangkok – my husband and I were there last October – it poured down all the time so I hope it’s better weather for you. Interesting city and we loved the people. See you when you’re back in UK

  6. Cripes. Daunting, but after all, it’s only a matter of location, talking and sharing with people with the same aspirations as anyone, anywhere else. And exciting. Enjoy.

  7. To combine writing with long-distance travel (with expenses paid) is to lead an ideal, enchanted life. Your experiences will be unique and will inspire your writing and your philosophy for a lifetime. My very best wishes to you for achieving so much so young. Forget domestic trivialities: enjoy every minute! If I could carry anything heavier than a bottle of gin, I’d offer to be your porter, just to be part of it.

    • Thanks Bel – If you could change exchange the bottle of gin for a bottle of Baileys you are welcome to be my porter!

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