Well D-day has come and I’ve finally uploaded my debut novel, 27, to the Amazon kindle store. Amazon willing (and let’s be honest Amazon does have deity-like powers these days), it should be available tomorrow.
It seems like it’s been a long journey, from writing the actual novel in the first place, to the 18 months of editing, to the real pain of proof-reading and then the last 24 hours of formatting.
Of course, those in the know tell me that the real journey starts now, that the marketing is much, much harder than the writing. I’ve been pretty lax on the marketing side and now need to get emailing all those book bloggers and influential publishing types. I did have one stroke of luck, though: I’ve been asked to do an interview on Resonance FM on Tuesday. The interview will focus on my work on Five Stop Story, but I’ll try to throw a bit in about my novel too! The show starts at 6:30 on 104.4 fm. I’ll be joined by poets, Indigo Williams Armando Halpern.